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Success for LEGO’s intellectual property rights in China


The Chinese Court of Guangzhou Yuexiu District has recently sentenced four Chinese…

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Formation – La propriété intellectuelle à Luxembourg


Nous avons le plaisir d’annoncer la formation qui se tiendra le 6…

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PCT National Phase in Luxembourg


The Luxembourg Intellectual Property Office has recently announced a change of practice…

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Innovation, space technologies and patents


The European patent accademy held a conference on the above subject in…

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Gugler – Likelihood of confusion- economic link


There is no likelihood of confusion with your earlier national non-registered sign…

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Les Afterworks de la Propriété Intellectuelle-2018


L’IPIL reconduit son cycle « Les Afterworks de la Propriété Intellectuelle » et propose…

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What is the difference between patents and designs?


After seven years, the infamous intellectual property battle between Apple and Samsung…

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FEDIL Conference on new Intellectual Property tax regime in Luxembourg


FEDIL organizes a conference on the new BEPS-compliant IP tax regime in…

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Conference: New BEPS-compliant IP tax regime in Luxembourg


Office Freylinger and Deloitte Luxembourg will hold a conference on the new…

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