Trademarks, patents, designs oppositions and cancellations.

For over 40 years, Office Freylinger has been one of the leading players in the field of IP conflicts.

We are amongst others active in:

  • pre-litigation advising and counselling
  • patent oppositions, cancellations and other patent-related proceedings
  • trademark oppositions, cancellations and other trademark-related litigation
  • registered designs cancellations and other design-related actions


Our patent and trademark attorneys are also used to comparing and using various laws, including laws from Luxembourg, Belgium, Benelux, France, Germany, Austria, United Kingdom, Ireland and Spain, as well as Chinese or US law for example.

Office Freylinger can therefore propose actions in a large number of countries, depending on its client’s interests and/or of the adverse party, and of the respective positions of the two parties in various countries. This broad spectrum of knowledge and activities performed by multi-disciplinary teams allows Office Freylinger to provide its clients with high-quality and business-oriented opinions and pre-litigation support.

Upon defining the strategy to be applied in a specific case, together with the client, Office Freylinger will ensure that the required actions will be conducted according to its high standards of quality and efficiency.


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