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Assignment Patents
Powers of Attorney - Patents
Powers of Attorney - Trademarks

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Le "paquet marques" : une évolution des règles en vigueur plutôt qu'une révolution - LEGIMAG 9/2015

An article by Olivier Laidebeur and Yves Schyns on the European Commission trademark reform package.


Bientôt le Brevet Européen Unitaire - LEGIMAG 6/2015

An article by Philippe Ocvirk about the upcoming European Patent with unitary effect.


La propriété Intellectuelle à Luxembourg - Vademecum (2012)

Un ouvrage co-écrit par Pierre Kihn et Olivier Laidebeur. Editions Larcier.

vademecum FR.pdf

Intellectual Property in Luxembourg - Vademecum (2012)

A book co-authored by Pierre Kihn and Olivier Laidebeur. Editions Larcier.


Protégée par la marque

Publié dans Flydoscope 2013 - No. 4

Protégé par la marque.pdf

Protected by a trademark

Published in Flydoscope 2013, No.4

Protected by a trademark-flydo EN_1.pdf

Don't steal my brain - LFF Newsletter June 2012

In the IP Dossier of its June 2012 Newsletter, Luxembourg For Financeasked Pierre Kihn and Olivier laidebeur why it is important or companies to protect their IP and what role Luxembourg can play in this domain.

Don't steal my brain.pdf

European Patents

Legislative changes at the EPO as of 1 April 2014 - Part I: Divisionals[Updated April 2014]

European Patents.pdf

European Patents

Legislative changes at the EPO as of 1 April 2014 - Part II: Prosecution[Updated April 2014]

European Patents Legislative Changes Part-II - April-2014.pdf

Inventions de salariés. Un régime équitable ?

An article by Philippe Ocvirk, published in Cahiers du droit luxembourgeois, November 2009.

Inventions de salaries.pdf

Antagonisme entre usage de noms et enregistrement de marque: une approche luxembourgeoise

An article by Olivier Laidebeur, published in Cahiers du droit luxembourgeois, September 2009.


Important Tax Advantages For Intellectual Property In Luxembourg

Income generated through copyright on software, patents, trademarks, registered designs is exempt from tax at a rate of 80%.

Tax advantages IP Luxembourg.pdf


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You probably use a trademark daily without knowing it.

Trademarks-EN V5-1.4.pdf


As a main route to protecting innovation, the patent protects many of the products we use and consume every day.

Patents-EN V5-1.4.pdf

Intellectual Property Services

Creations of the mind are the engines of today's economy.

Intellectual property services-EN V5-1.4.pdf

Industrial Designs

The appearance of a product is often its best sales argument and buyers are often drawn to eye-pleasing products.

Industrial-Design-EN V5-1.4.pdf

General Terms and Conditions

Office Freylinger - General Terms and Conditions

General Terms and Conditions 2013_03.pdf

Assignment Patents

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Assignment Austria

Assignment Deed for Patents in Austria

Assignement Patents AT.pdf

Assignment Belgium

Assignment Deed for Patents in Belgium

Assignement Patents BE.pdf

Assignment Switzerland

Assignment Deed for Patents in Switzerland

Assignement Patents CH.pdf

Assignment Germany

Assignment Deed for Patents in Germany

Assignement Patents DE.pdf

Assignment France

Assignment Deed for Patents in France

Assignement Patents FR.pdf

Assignment United Kingdom

Assignment Deed for Patents in the United Kingdom

AssignementPatents GB.pdf

Assignment Ireland

Assignment Deed for Patents in Ireland

Assignement Patents IE.pdf

Assignment Luxembourg

Assignment Deed for Patents in Luxembourg

Assignement Patents LU.pdf

Assignment Monaco

Assignment Deed for Patents in Monaco

Assignement Patents MC.pdf


Powers of Attorney - Patents

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POA France

Power of Attorney for Patents in France

Powers of Attorney Patents FR-POA.pdf

POA Belgium

Power of Attorney for Patents in Belgium

Powers of Attorney Patents POA-BE.pdf

POA Switzerland

Power of Attorney for Patents in Switzerland

Powers of Attorney Patents CH-POA.pdf

POA Ireland

Power of Attorney for Patents in Ireland

Powers of Attorney Patents POA-IE.pdf

POA Monaco

Power of Attorney for Patents in Monaco

Powers of Attorney Patents MC-POA.pdf

Powers of Attorney - Trademarks

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POA Benelux

Power of Attorney - Benelux and International

Powers of Attorney Trademarks BX-POA.pdf

POA France

Power of Attorney - France

Powers of Attorney Trademarks FR.pdf

POA Community Trademark

Power of Attorney - Community Trademark

Powers of Attorney Trademarks EM-POA.pdf