Our Values

Our core values are: SECURITY, PLEASURE and CREATIVITY.

We provide tailor-made services to vigorously protect our client’s rights and interests. We strongly rely on our highly qualified and motivated IP attorneys and paralegals to provide high quality work for our clients.


Having been involved in numerous opposition/appeal proceedings and infringement cases, we know how important it is to carefully draft and amend intellectual property right applications during their prosecution.

Our philosophy is that IP rights are commercial tools, which must be able to furnish a return on investment. This return on investment can be achieved by capitalising on a monopoly, by giving licences to competitors and/or by enforcing patent rights against infringers. All these actions are only possible if the rights are carefully drafted.

Quality control

Having numerous direct clients requiring our services, the quality of our services is one of our most important assets. Quality generates trust from our clients and trust is the most essential requirement in our profession.


Each member of the Firm is bound by the provisions of the Luxembourg law and has a strict confidentiality clause in his or her employment contract. The fact that the confidentiality of our work and of the information given to us by our clients is a crucial factor is regularly reminded to the team.

Optimising expenses

Optimising expenses is a permanent concern. Therefore, as from the early beginnings of our work, we keep a close eye on expenses affecting our clients.

Our ability to directly act before many national Patent and Trademark offices in Europe allows us to minimise the costs to the client for numerous actions performed before these offices.

For providing services in the rest of the World, we rely on a broad network of confirmed foreign associates, which are respected members of the various professional organisations. Our clients benefit from our transparency in costs matters as well as from our reasonable rates.