OFFICE FREYLINGER S.A. was founded in the year 1966.
We are:

Intellectual property counsels (“conseils en propriété industrielle”)
European Patent Attorneys
European Trademark and Design Attorneys

We help you to secure IP rights throughout the world

We offer a comprehensive range of intellectual property services covering patents, trademarks, designs and copyrights. This includes obtaining worldwide protection, portfolio management, strategic advice, commercial advice, licensing, enforcement, due diligence and litigation.

In addition, we are able to act directly (i.e. without involving a local correspondent) before the National Offices in the surrounding countries, gaining in flexibility and speed of action, and offering competitive costs to our clients.

We also act directly before various national offices in Europe

IP Offices Patents Trademarks Designs Formalities -
Patent validations
Formalities -
Recordals before registers
European Patent Office yes       yes
EUIPO   yes yes   yes
Benelux Office   yes yes   yes
Austria yes yes yes yes yes
Belgium (*) yes yes yes yes yes
France yes yes yes yes yes
Germany yes yes yes yes yes
Ireland yes yes yes yes yes
Luxembourg (*) yes yes yes yes yes
Switzerland yes     yes yes
United Kingdom yes yes yes yes yes
(*) Trademark and Design protection in Luxembourg and Belgium are obtained via the Benelux trademark and Benelux design granted by the Benelux Office for Intellectual Property (BOIP).